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10,000 Suns – Saul David Raye

“Saul is tuned in to his heart. His spirit shines forth in everything he says and does.”

Yoga Chicago

“A beautiful and moving experience.”

Kitzie Stern / New World Kirtan

10,000 Suns is the debut from acclaimed yoga teacher and kirtan artist Saul David Raye. World music from the heart with deep grooves, healing mantras, uplifting rhythms & sweet harmonies.


Produced by Jim Beckwith, Saul David Raye & Dave Stringer
Mixed by Krishan Khalsa
Recording Engineers -Jim Beckwith, Krishan Khalsa
Basic tracks engineered by Deepak Ramapriyan at Dream Rock Studios
Additional Engineering in New York – John Guth
Additional Production – Krishan Khalsa

Mastered by StefanHeger / FisheyeMusic Mastering Columbia SC
Album Cover artwork – Saraswati Dalldorf
Front Cover Photo Jim Beckwith /
Back Cover Saul David Raye
Associate Producers: Kat & BobTudor, Manoj + Jyothi Chalam, Peter Goodman and Melissa Codispoti