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All Of Nature – Sheila Nicholls

A combination of deliberation and fearless abandon. Risky pop with a high lyrical IQ that may scare away those who find self-examination too challenging.

The LA Weekly

Music that’s impassioned and political, rediscovering feminism, yet having the sophistication to entertain rather than preach. Nicholls is a spiritual granddaughter of Laura Nyro.

The Advocate

Sounding like a cross between Liz Phair and Kate Bush, she wraps her message in swathes of soulful melody, English folk lyricism and touches of musical theatre.

The Guardian

All of Nature (a collection of social commentary to music) connects what’s completely personal to what’s not limited in time at all, with an underlying premise that consciousness is itself a bigger crucible than matter. In this self produced project, which includes co writes with Agape’s Michael Bernard Beckwith and Grammy nominated producer Dave Stringer, Sheila Nicholls defies genre.

The music is a layered experience of dobro and destiny, horns and harmony, piano and perception, fusing and moving between rock, yoga mantra, jazz, ballad and busking. The songs occupy a literary arena, with each lyric accompanied by additional commentary and a forum on her website. Nicholls does not shy away from endeavoring to ask and answer the biggest questions. She petitions us to query, contemplate, and take action to see behind the masks and examine the conditions behind the conditions.


Produced by Sheila Nicholls, Mitchel Forman & Dave Stringer
Executive Producer: Curt Campbell
Mixed by Krishan Khalsa
Recording Engineer: Pete Min
Additional Recording: Krishan Khalsa
Mastered by Reuben Cohen / Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Sheila Nicholls-piano
Mitchel Forman -piano
Kaveh Rastegar – stand up and electric bass
Jebin Bruni –keys and synth
Chris Bruce –electric guitar
Danny Frankel – drums and percussion
Gary Novak –drums
Andrew Synowiec – dobro, banjo, ukulele, acoustic guitar,
Doug Webb – alto, tenor, baritone sax, alto flute , clarinet, bass clarinet
Walt Fowler – trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Stringer – featured singer on “Reveal’ and harmony vocals on ‘Infinite Mind’
Reirani Taurima – harmony vocals on ‘Back into the sky’ and ‘All of nature’
Nailah Porter – harmony vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Tiwanna Floyd – harmony vocals on ‘All of Nature’
Shara Prophet – harmony vocals on ‘All of Nature’