New website, recordings and tour dates coming in 2023

Dave Stringer is a producer, musician and songwriter who has been widely profiled as one of the most innovative artists of the modern Yoga movement. Bhakti Without Borders, an album he produced, was nominated for a Grammy in 2016.

He is currently nominated in 2023 as an artist in the Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album category for Mantra Americana, along with his collaborator Madi Das. He's both an inspiring singer and a compelling public speaker, resolving neuroscience, yoga philosophy and art into a participatory theatrical experience. He is featured in the documentary films Mantra: Sounds into Silence and The Power of Mantra and has toured extensively, leading concerts, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Auricle Collective is an artist cooperative rooted in singing, chanting and music as spiritual practice.

Join us in an exciting grass-roots experiment involving consciousness, community and commerce, analogous to striking a gong and letting the sound waves ripple and echo.

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