A Skeptic Inquires

For anyone who has attended a Kirtan or workshop with me, you know that I’m a skeptical observer of the Yoga and Bhakti music scenes I have also been so much a part of. I resist the attempts of many people to turn Yoga into some kind of new religion. The directive of Yoga is to inquire, not to believe, and the emphasis is on experience. My Kirtan events are focused not only on creating an optimum setting where participants can experience the consciousness-transformative aspect of chanting mantras, but on inquiring how it works. read more

Creativity and Organization

I had no idea when I started on the path of becoming a professional musician how much organization and administration work it would require. Frequently, the work I need to do to ensure my music is promoted and accessible, have smooth operations, swift communications, and get reliably paid overwhelms the creative work that is at the heart of the enterprise. I miss the time in my life when the only thing on my mind was writing another song, but I also understand my work means little until it connects to an audience. read more